Doctor Who Wednesday: Love & Monsters/Doctor #10

David Tennant. Yes. I just typed that. I know so many DW fans just adore Tennant's tenth Doctor. And I cannot blame them one bit.

The tenth Doctor's first companion of course was Rose Tyler. Towards the end of this second series something shifts in the programming and we follow the adventures and story of one Elton Pope (played by Marc Warren). This episode of Love & Monsters is a joy to watch because we get to see The Doctor from the view of someone not connected to him personally but still longing to know who he truly is.

Elton's life has been touched by The Doctor but he cannot seem to remember why. He finds a group of friends whose lives have also been affected by The Doctor in one way or another. Their friendship tightens and they even form a band, just for a moment anyway. Until the mysterious Victor Kennedy shows up and decides that this group talking about The Doctor isn't doing enough to find him.

Things seem normal as the search for The Doctor begins but that is when we find out who Victor Kennedy really is and why the members of the group LINDA (London Investigation 'N' Detective Agency) are disappearing.
Elton does find The Doctor and also finds out why he remembers him from his childhood. Sadly, all the members of the group LINDA got absorbed by a Abzorbaloff (Victor Kennedy), a creature who absorbs his prey.
Tennant's Doctor wore snappy pin striped suits, usually brown or blue with matching converse sneakers. What is not to love?! The colors blue and burgundy run rampant in Doctor Who episodes of the "new" series. Same goes for Tennant's usual outfits.

I couldn't wait to figure out an an outfit inspired by the 10th Doctor. He was so snazzy, clever, fun, very logical and a adventurer at heart.

Many a time he wore black trimmed glasses so I couldn't resist to snatch me a pair. I don't use glasses just yet so the pair I am wearing are a faux pair. I love them though! What do you think?

I wore my eShakti vintage inspired pleated skirt in navy blue. I paired it up with a vintage blouse purchased via Etsy and a cropped navy cardigan from Old Navy (purchased at just 15.00!). I added a little burgundy via my earrings purchased at my new favorite shop, Maurices for just 8.99.

I absolutly love this outfit and I think it is my favorite DW inspired one so far. Don't forget to take a peak at my Rose Tyler and Doctor #9 outfits as well.

Have you ever seen the episode Love & Monsters? Is Doctor #10 your first Doctor?