2013 Costume College, Pt. 2 - Festive Attyre "Curtain Along" Meet Up

Waverly Curtain dresses in chronological order from left to right.
Ready for more photos from Costume College? I have tons, so here goes!

Saturday, during the day, was the "Curtain Along" meetup planned by Jen, of Festive Attyre, wherein everyone who had made something using the Waverly curtains from Lowes, in any color way, was invited to lounge by the pool, take lots of photos, and generally admire the stylings and cleverness of others who had also used the fabric.

Don't know about the Curtain Along? Read more here.

It was such a delight! Here are the photos:

Jen, who started it all.

Ginger in her gorgeous red 1790s - I love the red so much I think I'm going to buy it and make an 1820s/1830s dress

Lauren M of "Wearing History" in her Robe a l'Anglaise, with the most *fantastic* hat

Another view of Lauren M's hat - oh that pouf!

Loren D's gorgeous black Anglaise with the perfect black bonnet

I loved this pretty embroidered pocket - we don't often get to see these out in the open

Ginger - the fit of her gown was stupendous

Alex and Lea

Shoe shot!

Elizabeth's beautiful jacket and petticoat combo

Me and Ginger representing the 1790s

Sorry, I forget who this earring belongs to, but it's pretty.

Cait's lovely caraco, with quilted petticoat over paniers, and Pompadour shoes

Here's my finished dress, after I lowered the neckline.  It's comfortable to wear and looks the part, I think, even if the fabric is pretty loud!

The back view of my gown (I love the backs of 1790s and Regency the best) - I weighted the hem with washers.  They jingle when I walk; it's quite amusing.