201? Toyota 4 doors coupe rendering

201? Toyota 4 doors coupe rendering

After autoten browsed the website,We found a rendering from Mag-x that reported to be a Toyota 4 doors coupe that focuses on luxury and sportiness. The source is said that the car will be a successor to the popular Carina ED/Corona Exiv. If this project is greenlight,The car will be first Japanese sedan coupe in 21th century.

As we know,In the near future we will see a 4 doors coupe from the car makers,From luxury brand like Mercedes CLA/CLB to Volkswagen new compact coupe that still in work.

This project is heading to the carscoop report that Toyota is working on a four-door coupe variant of the rear-wheel drive FT-86!!. A 2+2 door version and 2+2 seat is expect. But autoten is not sure these two car is the same project.

So,Wait for more information