[Uncensored]: What To Pack For Your Night Of Fornication: A Lady's Survival Guide

I don't usually write these kinds of posts, but after a fun conversation on twitter sometime last week, I just knew I had to sit and write about this properly. 

Sex is... inevitable for most us. As human animals, it's one of the things that drives us innately. Sex is fun. It's messy, and exciting and exhilarating, and... sometimes it's unexpected. You know what I mean; that hot date turns out to be hotter than anticipated...?

So what's a girl to do when she finds herself overnighting at her guy's place unexpectedly? Short answer: Be prepared. Long answer: Make sure you're prepared! Once you're settled on your expectations for the evening, it's relatively easy to avoid the walk of shame the next morning. 

Firs things first: be realistic. Is it likely you'll end up at his place? Do you want to end up at his place? If the answer to either or both those questions is "yes", here's what you'll need:

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