The Lake Tahoe Gatsby Picnic, 2013

You already espied a few photos from last weekend's Gatsby picnic at Lake Tahoe, but here are a few more just for jollies...

A picnic set up with a fair few original magazines

A boy on stilts, because.

Mum in her early '20s bathing costume

Liza and me.  Liza's dress is upcycled from a Forever 21 find.
The Lake Tahoe Gatsby is like the Oakland Gatsby, but in miniature.  It's quite a charming little event, taking place at the Pope Mansion in Tallac park, South Shore of Tahoe, every August.  There are vendors selling vintage clothes and knicknackery, music (this year by a ukelele band), a car club (this year it was Dodges, last year Fords), a fashion show and tea, house tours, and the ever present Big Blue.  It is one of our favorite events of the season.

Dodge, oh yeah

Oscar always looks dapper

Liza's grandparents, her grandmother wearing a dress very similar to the one Liza created

Lil' Autumn in her matching-mom dress