Next-gen Mitsubishi EVO hybrid confirmed for 2014!

2013 Mitsubishi EVO XI conceptual rendering

If you wonder what Mitsubishi is up to these days then, read on to find out their ambitious plans for the future. If are a fan of the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO and you don’t want to miss this. The Japanese car maker is coming up with an all new Mitsubishi EVO by 2014. However, this car isn’t what you’d expect from a car maker who have dominated the cross-country rally scene with its powerful four-wheel drive saloons. The latest from them has been the Misubishi EVO X. To put in plain English, the next-generation EVO will be a hybrid!

Surprised? Well, that is correct. Mitsubishi President Osamu Masuko, has confirmed this with Autocar but refrained himself from revealing the technical details of the new car. According to him, the Mitsubishi EVO XI will feature a diesel-hybrid powertrain. The new changes are aimed at controlling emissions. Now, the EVO is known for lightning fast 0-100 kph times and nimble reflexes. It is difficult to image an EVO without its USPs and that is what Mitsubishi engineers also feel. The new EVO XI will thus retain its trademark handling and performance characteristics.

The only change then, could be under the hood. That said, the acceleration will certainly be spine smashing with a diesel engine and an electric motor working in unison. The team at Mitsubishi will start work on the new EVO project next year. The actual car is expected to arrive in the three years time. Earlier in the year, there were reports of the EVO being axed for a more sustainable electric car over which the world reacted in criticism. Taking notice of the reaction from fans, Mitsubishi was quick respond. So with a hybrid EVO taking shape, Mitsubishi’s marketing bumph might read, “EVO XI- Its Green and goes like stink “.