Autoblog: ILVTOFU: Tennessee woman denied to display her love of tofu

I had a good laugh over just the headline and pic....

By Jeremy Korzeniewski
Tofu – some love it, some hate it. For those who don't know, tofu originated in China and is a staple in many Asian dishes. It's made by pressing coagulating soy milk into block-shaped forms, and it's high in protein and low in calories and fat. Hence, it's standard fare for many vegetarians.

Sounds pretty good, huh? A PETA employee named Whitney Calk from Tennessee is apparently a big fan of the bean curd, and she says she wanted to proclaim her love of tofu on her license plate. Unfortunately, the State of Tennessee decided that I-LV-TOFU looked eerily similar to I-LV-TO-FU...

Look closely at the two possible spellings and it's easy to see why the authorities decided to lay down the law. In fact, Tennessee points out that it's not the only state to ban that plate – it's also verboten in Colorado, Florida and Virginia.

For its part, PETA has issued a press release asking Tennessee to reconsider. Cynics might argue that the whole shebang was merely an attempt to generate press for the animal rights organization, which may certainly be the case. And if so, it seems to be working: you can check out PETA's press release after the break.