Honda NSX Eco-Friendly Supercar – A Sneak Peek

When it comes to all things cutting edge, and includes motorsports, there is not much Honda has not done. However, Honda may have outdone themselves with their latest “supercar”. Set to be released in 2014 the new Honda NSX or as many know it Acura NSX, well lets just say it is bound to be a success. The eco-friendly supercar will feature a 3.5 liter V6 rear wheel drive powerplant. For anyone that is a car buff probably saw the debut of this gem in 01 at the tokyo motor show. Along with the RWD V6, Honda will also include electric motors to help drive the front wheels, which the theory in itself is quite unique.

But, good people thats not all. For those who want a super car that is hybrid friendly, Honda is also thinking about a plug-in system for some spare lithium ion batteries, just in case you get stranded somewhere with no power. For now though we must wait for the release which is another 3 years away. Make sure to catch a peek either on a search engine or in Robert Downey Jr.s newest movie “The Avengers”.