Twelfth Night @ National Theatre

Another theatre stagedoor I visited was "Twelfth Night", again at the National Theatre. Not because of the female lead, upcoming actress Rebecca Hall (The Town, Vicky Christina Barcelona), but more so for he supporting cast.

Marton Csokas (The Lord Of The Rings, XXX) was one of the friendliest actors I have ever met. When he came out of the stagedoor he appologised to me, Tom and Teflon/Pannensponsje because he had a few drinks inside and let us wait because of that. He signed my Lord Of The Rings filmcell, my Aeon Flux DVD-cover and my Blu-Ray cover of XXX and posed for a picture. After that he walked away with us and chatted to me and Tom about a lot of things. Again... A very pleasant meet!

Simon Callow (Amadeus, Ace Ventura 2, Four Weddings And A Funeral) looks a little bit strange. Although he was friendly enough to sign my Blu-Ray cover of Amadeus and posed for a picture.

Below is the poster for the play "Twelfth Night"