Music: 3 Great Albums To Listen To Immediately // Here's To The End Of The Summer Music Drought

When Blurred Lines has been declared the Song of the Summer, and We Can't Stop is breaking records, you know it's been a hard few months in popular music. But never fear! The last few weeks have given us reprieve, and all is right in the world again. Here are three great albums to listen to immediately if you need a palate cleanse from the summer that failed music. They've been on repeat on my iTunes for days now and I'm obsessed.

Love In The Future: John Legend

Love In The Future is John Legend's fourth studio album, and in my personal opinion, a major improvement on his 2010 offering Evolver. On Love In The Future, John Legend goes back to his R&B/Gospel roots and brings back that deep heartfelt voice and simply sweet piano ballads that made me fall in love with him back in 2004.

There's an emotional heaviness to the album. This is the lyrical output of a man in love, heavily contrasted with the soulful moaning musicality on tracks like Made To Love and Save The Night. But he also draws on his ability to add weight with just his piano. All of Me and Hold On Longer are slow mournful track full of emotion laid bare.

The entire album has an eerie tone of foreboding largely created with minor chords and deep baritone notes. These are songs about love and relationships and their hardships and successes. It's a beautiful body of work that deftly harkens back to Legend's debut Get Lifted in all the best ways, while moving forward musically and emotionally. You'll love it.

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